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Feel at home while exploring Rügen.

Himmelreich Restaurant
Himmelreich Luftaufnahme

Your gateway to Rügen - Himmelreich

Looking to get away from it all? Seeking relaxation, pampering, pleasure, adventure, fun and comfort?
What you need is time in Himmelreich, on Rügen.

With a selection of 11 beautifully appointed, comfortable and practical rooms and suites, Himmelreich is a small boutique hotel with a complete hospitality offer. Guests can enjoy our exquisite wellness spa with steam room, sauna, Kneippbad, whirlpool bath, massage treatments and more. Our popular restaurant is renowned for its tasty, healthy food with a local touch for lunch and dinner, with a coffee bar serving the island’s best coffee, tea, delicious cakes and pastries in the afternoon. Open Wednesday-Sunday, noon to 9 pm.

Browse through our Himmelreich shop featuring an exquisite and eclectic range of vintage and antique items, art and unique deco accents and gifts. Our shop is spread throughout Himmelreich with a unique shopping experience. Our roadside Snack Bar caters to cyclers and hikers, passersby for a quick pit stop on the way to the beach or while out and about. You will find everything needed for a fabulous holiday in comfort in the open, friendly environment at Himmelreich, your gateway to exploring Rügen Island. Himmelreich Rügen is your comfortable and convenient home away from home. Our central location in Zirkow makes this the perfect place to stay while exploring heavenly Rügen Island. We offer everything needed for unforgettable holidays: the Himmelreich hotel, wellness spa, restaurant, café, shop and snack bar. Himmelreich’s German-Swiss-American hosts lend it an international flair with local talent in the kitchen, dishing up both local and cosmopolitan cuisine. Hospitality, openness and friendliness are what you'll find in Himmelreich in an enchanting atmosphere. Himmelreich is your home away from home.

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Looking to get away from it all? Seeking relaxation
pampering, pleasure, adventure, fun and comfort?

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