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Himmelreich Rügen
Darzer Weg 71
18528 Zirkow

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About us

Himmelreich Rügen is owned and operated by Michael Brewer and Remo Doehr, a proven and formidable duo with a successful track record.

Michael Brewer
Born in New York, USA, Michael Brewer is a dual American-Swiss citizen, with fluent German-speaking stills after nearly 30 years in Switzerland. He lived for 15 years in California where he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts. His career has included graphic design, fine art painting, sculpture and photography. Some of his work can be seen at www.michaelbrewerphotos.com
In Switzerland since 1990, Michael established himself as one of the country’s top German to English translators, working for leading companies such as Credit Suisse, SIX Group, Swiss Post, Zurich Airport and many others through his 20 year career. He is one of Switzerland’s leading naming experts, providing names for companies, products and services. His language talents also include editing, copywriting and professional writing. Michael has been CEO of Word+Image AG since 2002 (AG established in 2011). Initially a spin-off from SIX Group, Switzerland’s primary financial infrastructure, this translation and text service is comprised of a networked team of over 60 foreign language translators working in 25 languages. The Word+Image AG customer base has since expanded while specializing in language services for the financial, insurance, communications and IT sectors for advertising, marketing, editorial, financial and business materials.

Michael’s areas of responsibility include business planning, design, purchasing, in particular for the shop, overall business management, business accounting and controlling, and marketing, as well as co-responsibility for personnel management.

Remo Doehr
Born in Leipzig, Germany, Remo Doehr was trained as a Chemical Engineer. He managed a pilot facility for the proofing of medication ingredient components with staff responsibility for over 20 years. When Michael and Remo teamed up to found Something Special, their shop and cafe in Switzerland, Remo made a career move and established and assumed management of this successful business in the heart of Bremgarten, Switzerland. In addition to managing the shop, Remo oversaw service staff and ran the town's most popular café with outdoor seating, a gelato stand and take-away counter. He was renowned for the flair, competence and welcoming way he ran his shop, building up a loyal customer base over the past five years.

Remo’s areas of responsibility include operational management of the Himmelreich restaurant, hotel and shop.

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