Megalithic sites

Rügen has over 250 sacred megalithic sites to explore, including several close to Himmelreich. These sites were built in the Bronze Age as graves and sacred sites for rituals. Klick here for an extensive list of megalithic sites to visit on Rügen.

Here is a link to an interesting story about Rügen in English by Ludwig Kosegarten who rediscovered the island in 1775 after it had been all but forgotten by the outside world.

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Lancken-Granitz Dolmens

The Lancken-Granitz Dolmens are a group of seven megalithic tombs in the Lancken-Granitz municipality on Rügen, Northern Germany. Erected during the middle Neolithic, when they were used by the Funnelbeaker culture, at least some were in use until the early Bronze Age. Three of them are encircled by solitary rocks forming either rectangles or a stone circle, one has a solitary "guardian stone" on its eastern side.

Neuensien Grabhügel 1

Just several kilometers up the B196 towards Bergen, can be found the Neuensien Grabhügel 1. Just off the bicycle path leading from Himmelreich, it is found in a row of trees separating two fields. The first to record the site in the 1840s, Johann Gottfried Ludwig Kosegarten, found a largely intact burial chamber and the remains of a hill pile. He found all six support stones (two each at the long side and one each at the narrow sides) in situ and all three capstones were still in their original positions with single stone slabs between them.


To the south of Himmelreich, reachable by bicycle, are the megalithic stone graves of Posewald. The grave is located just a few meters north of Posewald at the fork in the road leading to Viervitz and the railway line. In the vicinity there are several other megalithic tombs. Located 670 m east are the megalithic tombs at Seelvitz, 1.7 km southeast are the megalithic tombs at Nadelitz and 2 km west are the megalithic tombs at Lovitz. In Nadelitz, Nistelitz and Putbus are also several burial mounds.

Riesenberg Barrow

Nobbin is best known for the megalithic tomb known as the Riesenberg (also Großsteingrab Riesenberg). The tomb was constructed of glacial erratic boulders and dates back to the New Stone Age in Rügen. It is one of the largest stone graves in North Germany and lies just a few meters from the steep coast on the bay of Tromper Wiek, immediately by the cliff top path.


The site closest to Himmelreich is the Siebenbrüder, a megalithic grave chamber surrounded by a ring of stones. Reached by foot in around 20 minutes from Himmelreich along the Mustitzer tree-lined alley. The site is rather intact and one of the best megalithic sites on the island, though not very well known.

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